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How to Buy Windblade Trade Paperback Collection Master Post

Hi Comics Fans! Happy Wednesday! Here is a ton of information about all the different ways you can buy the Windblade trade paperback that collects issues #1-4. The collection comes out in comic book shops on October 1st and all other book stores on October 14th.

Mairghread is busy writing the follow-up series for 2015 so she asked me to post this helpful how-to-buy for anyone who needs the info.

1. Buy at a local comic shop. If you need help finding a shop, locate one with the comic shop locator.

Also Hater Free Wednesdays is a great resource to find out if the comic shop near you is considered a safe space for fans of all types.

2. Order a physical copy and have it shipped to you.

You can do that through sites like Things from Another World or Midtown Comics

If you are located outside the U.S., try out a site called Archonia for more affordable shipping.

3. Buy it digitally

You can download the individual digital issues from Comixology, Apple iBooksAmazon Kindle or directly through IDW.

4. You can also pre-order the trade paperback through Amazon. It will be available through Amazon and all regular book stores in 2 weeks (October 14th).

5. Also stay tuned to Mairghread’s tumblr and Sarah’s Tumblr, as I’m sure they’ll be sharing news updates, and little sneak peeks as they work on the new series.

Finally, thank you so much for supporting the book. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please consider tweeting or tumbling IDW to let them know that you enjoyed it and want more.

Til all are one,

My lovely husband wrote this post AND made coffee this morning. I can’t decide if I’m more excited for that or the WINDBLADE TRADE!

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LBCC commissions :)

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Hope you all had a great weekend!

Just finished a couple designs for the TF2 Merch Workshop! These are some BONK! Ads featuring Miss Pauling with a pinup flair! I’m hoping that with enough votes on Steam we’ll be able to get these made as tees for Men and Women, as well as posters, in both RED and BLU versions!

Please vote here!!

Thanks so much, everyone!! ^__^

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That Joker-mobile gets better every time I see it, jesus.

And nice skipping, Joker.

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tribute of Gwen #spidergwen

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Soft Robotics Toolkit

Education resource developed by the Harvard Biodesign Lab to learn, experiment and develop technology in this field - video embedded below:

The Soft Robotics Toolkit is a collection of shared resources to support the design, fabrication, modeling, characterization, and control of soft robotic devices … The ultimate aim of the toolkit is to advance the field of soft robotics by allowing designers and researchers to build upon each other’s work. The toolkit includes an open source fluidic control board, detailed design documentation describing a wide range of soft robotic components (including actuators and sensors), and related files that can be downloaded and used in the design, manufacture, and operation of soft robots. In combination with low material costs and increasingly accessible rapid prototyping technologies such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC mills, the toolkit enables soft robotic components to be produced easily and affordably.

More Here

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That’s because nobody else is quite as stupid as Atom. What possible reason could you have for trying to use the telephone at that size instead of just unshrinking?

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It’s Beep Man!!! 

Please watch the demonstration video:

and give it a vote here:

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1978 JVC 3100R Video Capsule Television/Radio

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